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Wall Of Hope To Come To Grand Rapids!

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

The super amazing folks at Design Design Inc (a super awesome greeting card company) are bringing the WALL OF HOPE to Grand Rapids!

Here’s kind of what it will be like — this WALL OF HOPE popped up in Phoenix! Watch here for exact dates and details.


Heartfelt Hope From Those Who Help The Unemployed

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Sometimes little things happen that just blow me away.

A woman dropped by the building where HOPE IS IN THE CARDS works out of. She was there for an event that brings creative folks together.

On her way out, she noticed a HOPE IS IN THE CARDS display and flipped out. So, I gave her a few cards to take and share.

Two days later, she’s back and she’s fired up the entire staff where she works. She and her coworkers provide counseling and support for people who have recently lost their jobs.

They’re using HOPE cards to follow up with clients to keep people’s hearts and spirits up.

Once again, I’m humbly reminded that this little idea is worth every bit of the effort that goes into it.

Hallmark Gives Out Free Cards For Kids

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Every kid I know could use a few good words – and now the cool folks at Hallmark are doing it.

Right now you can go into some of their stores and get a free Kids Card. Yup — just go in and get it! They have details on their website.

Any card sent is a one more card that helps spread HOPE, so go visit those stores and keep HOPE growing!

Olympics Lift Everyone’s Spirits

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

When I see all the people from so many countries — even those whose leadership vows the utter destruction of their enemies — all under one roof, with a shared dream, competing fairly and with respect, it makes me KNOW that the world can be a better place.

I’m not giving up on Hope Is In The Cards until those kinds of moments happen more often than once every 2 years.


Monday, February 8th, 2010

My goal last week was to send 70 personal messages of Hope.

I made a list at the beginning of the week of people I was thankful for and tried to send each a short note or card.

I only got 15 out — but what a success anyway! The cards resulted in warm phone calls, emails, and some nice heartfelt moments.

Also, as a complete surprise, people I hadn’t spoken to in DECADES sent me ‘hope cards’ and notes. It was a wonderful and crazy week.

This week? Pushing to close some sponsorships for the WALL OF HOPE tour!

Fingers crossed….

Only 3, But What A Feeling!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Yesterday I only accomplished three tiny actions directly related to spreading HOPE (the goal was 10). However, the incredible energy and enthusiasm those three brought me was unquestionable.

I sent a card and a photo to my grandmother, who recently had to visit the hospital. I rarely see her, but she has always been unconditionally loving and supportive to me, and so many people in our family.

Just the thought of her reading the short note I sent, along with the funny picture of my new dog, made me happy. But more importantly, she will KNOW and FEEL and SEE for herself that she is the one who is being thought about and loved. What a great gift to give her — and myself. That’s what this whole things is about.

PLUS, I received a HOPE card in the mail from a long lost high school friend — how inspiring to get reconnected with HOPE as the reason.

And lastly, the AMAZING folks at Current catalog shared some ideas on how they might get behind the HOPE IS IN THE CARDS movement.

WOW. If you practice HOPE, you get HOPE. What a concept.