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Hope while paying bills…..?

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

I HATE bills.

I mean, I understand them, they’re for things I choose to use and consume and benefit from, but they still bum me out.

One of things I hate to do the most -- PAY BILLS! Ugh.

I do feel good when I’m able to actually PAY them all (I wish it was every time, but alas….) but it really DOES make me feel better (a little anyway) when I write the word HOPE on the back of every one I mail back.

HOPE on the envelopes when I mail bills back makes me feel a TINY bit better about it all...

At least it’s one little upbeat thing, floating out in the world. Maybe the mail carrier will see it? That would be good enough for me.

Why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bird Dog Press

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

First, Allison’s letter-pressed cards are beautiful, clever and amazing.

But more than that, her heart is huge.

She created custom cards with HOPE printed on every envelope when she heard about the Hope Is In The Cards campaign. Well, she was moving her studio recently and she came across some of the cards and envelopes she created and instead of chucking them, she sent what was left to us to share with others!

Allison at Bird Dog Press sent us these AWESOME handmade cards with HOPE printed on every envelope. We THANK her and her giant heart!

She did this on her own dime. Took up her own time. Humbling indeed.

People like her are truly what give me the continued optimism and yes, HOPE, that this project of mine could possibly make a little difference…

Birthday’s In Today’s E-World

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I know my whole goal is to get folks to send REAL cards and letters. And it always will be.

But I have to admit there’s a place for the e-card as well.

Now, I’m not a major birthday celebrator (at least for my own) but I was astonished at the scores and scores of personal, warm and delightful Happy Birthday wishes I received on my recent birthday.

It was touching, surprising and wonderful. Now, I LOVED that cards I got, and I’m one of the folks that saves them and reads through them once in a while. But the e-messages made me feel good too, I have to admit.

HOPE across the world and a big WOW

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Their incredible spirit just astonishes me. And now, they’re finally out and well and free.

Utterly inspirational.

Miners in Chile survived on HOPE and truly inspirational teamwork. Wow.


Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I was at a recent fundraiser to help raise money to feed hungry kids across the country and the organizers let us share our HOPE cards with every person at the event! Here are just SOME of the cards that were shared!

Hundreds of HOPE cards were shared with diners at Share Our Strength's TASTE OF THE NATION event. Awesome event!

So, by next week, another 200 or so positive messages will make their way around the country and the world!

World’s Largest Greeting Card AND the Wall Of Hope!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Grand Rapids is on the world map folks!

First, their amazing celebration of art — the Art Prize competition, is in full force, and one of the pieces is the world’s largest greeting card. Take a peek at this!

World's largest greeting card to appear at Art Prize, this weekend in Grand Rapids!

While you’re enjoying all the art, be sure to check out the WALL OF HOPE, brought to you by the incredible card company design, design. You can stop by and choose any card you want, fill it out and they’ll send it for you anywhere in the world, all for FREE! All to promote HOPE, one card at a time.

Click here for the details on seeing BOTH the world’s largest card, and the people with the world’s largest hearts…the design, design folks!