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Little Reminders

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

My friend Jim emailed this to me from a coffee shop where he was having a meeting.

Hope On A Bumper!

Sometimes we all need just a little reminder….

The Ultimate Act Of Recycling

Monday, April 4th, 2011

I was walking my dog down an alley one morning a couple of weeks ago.

The pooch I was walking.

While we were walking, I saw what looked like a plastic sunglass case on the ground. No big surprise there — it’s an alley filled with dumpsters.

The case with the note inside.

But, there was crunched up paper inside it so I looked a little closer. I swear it said PLEASE HELP ME.

A message in a bottle in a sunglass case in an alley.

So, I picked it up, and took the paper out. Here’s what it said:

“PLEASE HELP ME — The World.

do something crazy for the planet and have a very fulfilling day.

do not lie.
do not steal.
do not eat processed food…

…at the least, donate 5 bucks to the next homeless person you see.

Thank You Very Much – Indigo”

The whole note.

So, I did just that. Well, I probably ate some processed food. I mean I donated the 5 bucks and tried to do something nice for someone else.

THEN, I put the package back together, and hung it in a tree where I knew others would walk.

And I forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise when, about 2 weeks later, the little case was sitting on my desk. With the same note.

I guess I’m supposed to do a little more with this, so I’m sharing the whole experience with everyone I know. I think this is what Hope Is In The Cards is REALLY all about.

So, whether you donate money to an organization, or write a small note of thanks or appreciation and send it to someone, let’s get on Indigo’s wavelength, and make the world a little better.

If you are inspired to do something small like this, let me know. I’ll share the news on Thanks so much Indigo….