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A dog, a blog, a bunch of HOPE!

Friday, September 30th, 2011

PAWS FOR THE CAUSE is an effort to get people to walk their dogs during AIDS WALK PHOENIX and raise money for 19 different service organizations.

So, my dog Chloe signed up.

What happened next was a mind-blower. I sent some emails to friends and family, and put a little notice up on Facebook.

In 3 days, the pooch raised nearly $3,000. Chloe was the 3rd highest money-raising dogs — and in the top 10 of ALL walkers, for money raised.

Chloe clears nearly $3,000!

OK, what this REALLY says is that your friends and family matter. That you keep in touch matters. That you share the goods times and the bad. That you reach out and never stop reaching out. When YOU do all that, and then you actually need a little help yourself, it all comes back.

I was dumbstruck at the generosity of everyone — especially when I know so many of the people who helped out are themselves struggling.

So, I have a LOT of follow-up thank you — and HOPE — card to send out. Wow.