Make A Mom’s Day

Yesterday I spent 1/2 my day with the 8-year old daughters of two single Moms. Today, I’m going to send those Moms a note that tells them how much I admire all they do.

They work full time, constantly negotiating with employers so they can pickup and drop-off their children at friends’ houses and activities. They both take work home at night to make up for the lost in-office time.

They spend their weekends doing as much as they can with their children. And I have to say, it’s paid off. The girls are smart, engaged, charming, active and a joy to be around.

So, out go a couple of cards to say THANKS for the day, but mostly, THANKS for doing such a difficult job alone.

If you know single Mom, let her know she’s got a friend. Send her a card right now.

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