Week Of Hope September 1-7

What if hundreds of independent retailers offered to give customers free postage for any greeting card purchased and mailed the week of September 1 – 7 — the week before Labor Day?

You’d go to your favorite store, buy a cool greeting card and when you check out, the retailer hands you the postage so you can send it, right then, for free.

That’s the idea. I’m working right now to try to get at least ONE retailer in every state. My goal is 500 total. That could mean tens of thousands of positive, upbeat cards (all sold by a local business) circulating across our country.

Everyone wins here:
* We help the independent retailers;
* We help the independent card designers who sell to the independent retailers;
* We help lift the spirits of the thousands (or more!) of people who receive the cards we mail;
* We even help the USPS — which really needs help these days.

If you have a favorite small store or gift card shop, let them know about this! Have them get in touch! We’ll help promote them along the way! info@hopeisinthecards.org

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