HOPE Isn’t Always Easy

Sometimes I forget that I’m one of the luckiest people I know.

I’m not cold.
There is food (ramen, mind you, but food nonetheless) in the cabinet. Heck, I HAVE cabinets, which means there’s still a roof over my head.
I’m not sick (physically anyway).
My family is loving and supportive.
It’s not even raining.

So why not feel hopeful?

Sometimes we just get into our own worlds of self-doubt, worries, crazy comparisons with what other folks are doing and so on. That’s where my head was. I didn’t even post here for a while.

Then out of the blue, I got a card in the mail. From someone who simply said THANKS FOR SPREADING HOPE. And here I was, not even doing it.

So I’m back. Hope’s on the way. Bigger and better than ever. Can’t wait to see what happens when we get everyone in this country on board.

One Response to “HOPE Isn’t Always Easy”

  1. Love this post, particularly your first line. We’re all so much luckier and than we give ourselves credit for. :)