189 Artists Create HOPE On Skateboards

I’ve mentioned this effort before, but I just can’t get enough of it.

The people at After Hours Gallery sent blank skateboard decks to nearly 200 artists.

The artists were asked to create artwork on the boards, send them to the gallery, and the gallery would auction them off and donate the proceeds to support Autism research.

This is just a FEW of the amazing boards people created.

This is just a FEW of the amazing boards people created.

How refreshing to see so much creativity, focused to help others. And a small business willing to give up making money for two months to help those who need it.

A closer look.....WOW!!!

A closer look.....WOW!!!

Inspiring. PLEASE, check out their site. www.AllDecksOnHand.org Bid on the boards. And share the word. I know it’s not HOPE on an envelope, but it’s HOPE nonetheless.


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    Hope this helps! Hey, check out what this gallery is doing regarding autism!