Tip #3 for making life more hopeful: Shop Local

Shop local! Small businesses are the nation’s economic engine, but they sure seem to be paying the price these days.

The folks at the 3/50 project have an easy idea that can help keep your neighborhood business afloat. Pick three local businesses and simply spend $50 you’d normally spend at a national chain and instead, spend it with those neighborhood enterprises. With local businesses, 68% of that money stays local compared to only 43% when you spend it at a nationally owned business.

You don’t add anything to your budget. You just spend what you have a little more wisely. And you help keep the engine that drives our economy running. You can learn more at The 350 Project.

One Response to “Tip #3 for making life more hopeful: Shop Local”

  1. What a coincidence! Here in the Grand Canyon State, Local First Arizona launched its new “Shift Arizona” initiative on the same day as this post. Thanks HOPE!