Only 3, But What A Feeling!

Yesterday I only accomplished three tiny actions directly related to spreading HOPE (the goal was 10). However, the incredible energy and enthusiasm those three brought me was unquestionable.

I sent a card and a photo to my grandmother, who recently had to visit the hospital. I rarely see her, but she has always been unconditionally loving and supportive to me, and so many people in our family.

Just the thought of her reading the short note I sent, along with the funny picture of my new dog, made me happy. But more importantly, she will KNOW and FEEL and SEE for herself that she is the one who is being thought about and loved. What a great gift to give her — and myself. That’s what this whole things is about.

PLUS, I received a HOPE card in the mail from a long lost high school friend — how inspiring to get reconnected with HOPE as the reason.

And lastly, the AMAZING folks at Current catalog shared some ideas on how they might get behind the HOPE IS IN THE CARDS movement.

WOW. If you practice HOPE, you get HOPE. What a concept.

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