The Ultimate Act Of Recycling

I was walking my dog down an alley one morning a couple of weeks ago.

The pooch I was walking.

While we were walking, I saw what looked like a plastic sunglass case on the ground. No big surprise there — it’s an alley filled with dumpsters.

The case with the note inside.

But, there was crunched up paper inside it so I looked a little closer. I swear it said PLEASE HELP ME.

A message in a bottle in a sunglass case in an alley.

So, I picked it up, and took the paper out. Here’s what it said:

“PLEASE HELP ME — The World.

do something crazy for the planet and have a very fulfilling day.

do not lie.
do not steal.
do not eat processed food…

…at the least, donate 5 bucks to the next homeless person you see.

Thank You Very Much – Indigo”

The whole note.

So, I did just that. Well, I probably ate some processed food. I mean I donated the 5 bucks and tried to do something nice for someone else.

THEN, I put the package back together, and hung it in a tree where I knew others would walk.

And I forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise when, about 2 weeks later, the little case was sitting on my desk. With the same note.

I guess I’m supposed to do a little more with this, so I’m sharing the whole experience with everyone I know. I think this is what Hope Is In The Cards is REALLY all about.

So, whether you donate money to an organization, or write a small note of thanks or appreciation and send it to someone, let’s get on Indigo’s wavelength, and make the world a little better.

If you are inspired to do something small like this, let me know. I’ll share the news on Thanks so much Indigo….

2 Responses to “The Ultimate Act Of Recycling”

  1. I really like this story for the magic in it. It reminded me of a lovely interlude in a cold, anonymous train station where a stranger gave me a tiny gift. The story, in my blog is titled, Paying It Forward and Benefactors and is all about giving. Another related post is titled Your Vitality. My blog address is:

    I think your idea is so good and helpful and needed at this time. Also, have you heard about the Greater Good Science Center? Studying all that is the best about humans.