Two Steps Forward For World Peas

My friend Jenny at the YMCA organized a auction to raise $$$ for the Y’s STRONG KIDS campaign.

Jenny asked local artists to create custom Chuck Taylor’s and donate the shoes for the fundraiser.
I figured I’d use something I hated as a kid (peas) and make something that I love (peace).

Here are the results.

Peas is on the way....

Two Steps Forward For World Peas!!!

It was a blast of an event and Jenny raised more than $3,000. AWESOME.

Hope moves forward with tiny steps. Why not pea-covered sneakers?!

One Response to “Two Steps Forward For World Peas”

  1. Lisa Parks says:

    I’ve always hated peas. They make me gag. But these peas make me smile. If you wore them while playing basketball, they could be called “pea shooters”.