What Happy Looks Like

I was not at all happy at my impending birthday. I officially hit the ‘no way is that young’ age marker. I was not doing what I wanted. My house was underwater financially. Everything just seemed awful.

Then, in a freak click on my computer, I ended up in a file of photos I took about a year ago.

I was surrounded by friends. Everyone was laughing. It was so uplifting.

I have everything to be happy for!!

I had so shrunk into my own worries and doubts that I forgot how lucky I am. And I was reminded yet again that Hope Is In The Cards matters. The people who add to my life need to know how much they make a difference. And I’m betting that’s the same in your life.

So c’mon now. 2 minutes, a pen and a stamp. Just write the words — thinking about you. And mail them. Done. I promise you made someone happy.

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