Send me a note this week and I’ll send you 5 HOPE cards!

Had a great conversation on Lauren and Carmel-Ann’s awesome teleseminar! A full hour of HOPE!!

If you heard the show, you know I believe that a tiny action of Hope can have a big reward. If you hit contact on my blog between now and Sunday, December 11th, and email me your address at, I’ll send you five HOPE cards you can send to others.

Thank you all so much!!

4 Responses to “Send me a note this week and I’ll send you 5 HOPE cards!”

  1. Sunny Hawk says:

    I really enjoyed listening to you talk about hope. You really understand. From the time I was very small hopeful songs got me through horrendous times when I didn’t think I could go on living. Just singing them made me look forward instead of being stuck with what was facing me and lo and behold things would change. Not so dramatically perhaps but enough to get through. I still sing my songs because life continues to be a challenge. Recently, I began to doubt that my tendency to hope was a good thing and perhaps I was not being realistic. You have helped me see that I need to continue to hope and that it is the hope that enables me to take the necessary actions to go forward. I don’t know what the outcome will be but I have hope that whatever it is will be good. Thank you for supporting hope and thank you for your words of wisdom.

  2. admin says:

    What a kind note Sunny. Thank you. I have to remind myself every day to remain hopeful, and to believe that tiny actions matter. But they do. So keep singing and keep up the great spirit.

  3. Carmel-Ann says:

    Russ, Thank you for the fabulous message of HOPE to all our listeners! I had a great time discussing the various aspects of hope and how essential it is for us to have its presence in our lives! “There are but three things that last — faith, HOPE and Love!” and I HOPE you have all of them in your life!
    All the best,
    Carmel-Ann Mania, DC

  4. John says:

    We all need hope sometimes and it isn’t always easy to find it. Thanks for your tips on finding hope…I really enjoyed you on the Being Well Within teleseminar!