One of my family members was moved to write this poem when she learned about my whole project. How cool is that?!?!?

Thank you Patsy!

Hope is in the Cards

A card of joy will bring a smile,
And leave happy imprints for a while.

A card of love to one so true,
Will always leave traces of you.

A card of sympathy, to know you care,
Will send the message that you are there.

A card of remembrance is so dear,
It keeps your family and friends very near.

A card of encouragement, when in need,
Will give hope a place, to plant a seed.

A card of regret is better than none,
Easing the guilt for what you have done.

Send a card of Hope today,
Just a little part of you,
And you may find that one day soon,
You will get one too!

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